Benefits Of Sports Massage Therapy

Stefano Pitzalis is a fully qualified, London trained Sports Massage Therapist offering services in Gozo.

Sports Massage Therapy is systematic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body that focuses on muscles relevant to a particular sports and it's not only for athletes. Many different movements and techniques are used in sports massage and are used to try to help the body achieve maximum performance and physical conditioning with a decreased chance of injury or pain and aid a quicker recovery. The following can be treated with Sports Massage Therapy;

Pain and Stress Relief

Blood Circulation

Improve Muscle Tension

Tension Headaches Relief​

Injury Prevention

Injury Rehabilitation

Loosening restricted joints / improve range of movement

Decreasing stress levels and increasing feelings of wellbeing

Scar Tissues Breakdown

Highlight Body Awareness

Pain Relief For Osteoarthritis Sufferers​

Techniques Used

Deep Tissue Massage

Soft Tissue Mobilisation

Lymphatic Drainage

Relaxation Techniques

Articulations Techniques

Dry Needling (Medical Acupuncture)

Stretching Techniques

Lymphatic Activation / Drainage